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  • I will be moving from FL to GA this summer....anyone know of any RW owners near the Peachtree City area?
    Mar 25
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  • Mike Doles replied in forum topic
    Stripped teeth on ring gear
    Hi, I have a good friend with a fairly new Talon, and it has stripped some teeth off the ring gear.  Is this common?  it's the first time ...
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  • Nathan Solesbee liked Dave Fisher's status
    yippie! the site is working again
    Jul 3 '13
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    Jun 13 '13
    Yea, Dave I'm a better engineer than computer guy. I had trouble blocking the spam users. I think I've got it now.
    Jun 18 '13
    Hi Randy...glad the site is up again...I was afraid it was going under. I think you need to spread the word that it is up again!
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  • Mike Doles commented on Nathan Solesbee's status
    My last post I stated that my electric coolant pump failed during flight and I had to set down in a field before damage occurred. I went from 500ft to landed in about 30 seconds. The problem was during flight the pump cycles on and off because it cools the engine to much. Rotorway says that their pumps stay on once they lift off and the pump stays on thereafter. Stewart Warner said the pump motor was bad and replaced under warranty. My issue now is I dont want the pump cycling on and off during flight and having the issue of it not starting up again. It looks like I may have to create a type of baffling to cover part of the radiator to heat up the coolant a little more. Have any of you heard of this issue before? Could it be that my engine runs that efficient?
    Mar 30 '13
    I looked at the Breeza web site, and could not find my fan exactly. Further reading revealed that they build fans to order, so I suspect someone in the past had one or more of these made for a rotorway.

    I will be at the hangar for a little today and will try to get of the measurements and photos we talked about.

    I suggest you might also call Al B...I bought mine from him and I think I recall him having seen more than just one in the past. The prospect of lowering cooling efficiency and increasing power available to the blades, by reducing fan pitch for you is a very real possibility since you fly in mostly cooler temperatures!
    Mar 30 '13
    Thanks Mike, I am today installing another EWP that RotorWay sent me to verify that my pump for some reason may be operating different. (Test pump)
    If the pump runs the same, another idea could be to try to slow the pump down, but that wouldn't improve the efficiency like the fan option.
    Mar 30 '13
    Ok Nathan...let me know how it turns out.
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  • Mike Doles commented on Bruce Burdekin's status
    The VPS engine thread on 'the other' site keeps descending into a bitch session - would anyone care to post some factual, non-personal information here? I have had a look at the burrbuilt website, but can't find much on it (I found the site design pretty difficult to navigate). I'm not contemplating buying one, just curious from a mechanical point of view. I have seen many engines with outstanding performance figures quoted, (motorcycles are famous for it!) but when you get down to detail, find that the figures are either fictional or only apply for very brief duty cycles. I'm confident that Andrew's design is not fictional, but I would like to know how he achieves added performance while still running Mogas. In my experience here, the 95 unleaded will not run a compression ratio of much more than 9:1 without problems, so the stock RW at 9.4:1 is already marginal, and going to 9.5:1 is going 'beyond reliable' unless he's doing some very clever mixture and ignition manipulation to keep the combustion in the safe operating area. Such manipulation (Knock sensing, for example) reduces the power available.
    Feb 8 '13
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    Jan 19 '13
    I've been reading that thread also. Orv did reveal a few new facts about the engine. I didn't realize it used aluminum sleeves. Compression wise i don't think that Andrew probably changed it much from what Rotorway has.

    I think that the the biggest contributor to performance improvement is coming from the new cam.

    I have flown with Mike Doles in his ship with the turbo and I will say that he does not adjust the throttle very much during flight. The package is working very well for him.
    Jan 30 '13
    Hi all. I have not been on this site for some time. Thought the spammers had taken it over!

    Yes, the 'other site' was a gigantic bitch session and after Bruce's post, I realized that no matter what was said, was going to change anyone's mind in the other's camp. So I will continue to I did today with all the parts working in marvelous unison! I will be starting my annual condition check tomorrow, but it will be short. There are no squawks...just routine check, and get it ready to fly Central Sierra meet and Osh this year!
    Feb 8 '13
    Back up and running beautifully a couple of days ago! Aready have another 2.5 hrs on since inspection. Only thing found was the elastomeric bearings are close to usual RWI has none...thank God they aren't total toast yet!

    SS aligner blocks doing their job...blades off & on for twelfth 160 hrs and aligner bearings still like new and blades still in track & balance.
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  • Nathan Solesbee commented on their status
    Is anything happening out there? Nobody is posting..... I had an electric water pump failure last month and am waiting for the pump to come back from Stewart Warner. Good news they covered under warranty. Whats going on out there?
    Jan 25 '13
    I already have done that originally, The problem is when the pump runs full time it will cool down to 133degrees, that is to cool. The only thing I can think of is to partially block the radiator to heat up the coolant so the pump will run full time. I have been talking to Mark J at rotorway on this. My next step is to hover and check the manifold pressure. Maybe it just runs super efficient. We'll see.
    Jan 30 '13
    Might I suggest a better way is to speed-control the pump so it only circulates as much coolant as needed. I don't like the idea of the pump cycling on and off - that means when it comes on, the poor engine gets a shot of VERY cold coolant

    Switch-mode speed controls area easy for DC motors, frequency control for AC motors is not much harder. Add speed control related to temperature, and you're in business.
    Jan 30 '13
    I wonder why rotorway doesn't do that? They seem more concerned about why my engine runs so cool.
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  • Clark Richter commented on Brent Lavallee's status
    Well got back from oshkosh. Finished second. Nathan with his excellent ship took first by a 1/4 point. All in all what a great time. I don't think I have ever seen Mark Peterson so relaxed. They had lots of flying and motorcycle riding. The night air show was great.
    Aug 3 '12
    This ship fly's amazing. Solid. The new rotorway kits are hands down the best ever. Quality is number one and the factory is very good. The glass panel however is very difficult to get set up be patient. I have done alot of trick stuff . Chris and I were flying hands off all controls with the trim you can pick your speed. Thanks Clark
    Aug 4 '12
    That is a great looking ship. I can't wait to see more pictures.
    Aug 17 '12
    I spoke with Mark Johnson. I told him that I think there could be demand for either existing owners via an upgrade to install the newer FADECs with steam gages. This could also be offered to Talon buyers who may not want the glass panel. There are obviously some people who like the look of steam gages vs the glass panel just like there are some people who prefer the belt drive TR vs that of that of the shaft drive.
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  • Mike Doles commented on Nathan Solesbee's video
    Oshkosh 2012 rain storm
    Having a blast at Oshkosh!
    Aug 8 '12
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    Aug 7 '12
    Hi Mike! It was a lot of fun. It was great to meet more Rotorway people. Brent and his family are wonderful people. Brent knows a lot of jokes. Being at Oshkosh and flying almost every day was great. I think it did Rotorway good for their advertising and sales. From what I saw and experienced in the pattern at Oshkosh, Rotorways are fast and smooth. To bad you couldn't be there.
    Aug 7 '12
    I am going to accumulate photos and videos of the whole Oshkosh experience (from my view) and my Daughter is going to make a movie. I will post when it is done.
    Aug 8 '12
    Hi Nathan, Yes it is quite an experience and yes, Brent is awesomely funny!
    The video I have listed is a trip around last year's pattern! Will be looking forward to your videos! I do see from the various photos, that the TSA did not make good on their threat this year about the fencing!
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  • Mike Doles commented on Bruce Burdekin's joining our site
    Jul 6 '12
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    Jul 6 '12
    Hi Bruce...welcome!
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